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Conference Staff

Conference staffing partner to some of the largest conferences, conference venues and conference organizers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Conferences and events allow businesses to showcase the very best versions of themselves to their key stakeholders. The people experience at the conference is equally as important in creating a brilliant perception of the business and it’s employees.

Sample Conference Event with Mash Staffing - Casual Event Staff in Australia - Jora Event Staff Jobs (with Salaries) | Australia Show Support: Hire Event Staff, Crewing Company Australia

We are extremely proud to support some of the largest conferences across the region, including Salesforce World Tour, Amazon World Summit, Cisco Live, Xercon and YouTube Brandcast, providing registration staff, ushers, concierge, session scanners and a number of other ‘people’ roles related to the smart movement of attendees through a conference. A large part of our success in the conference space is the conferencing team at Mash and the way they support our conference clients.

 We work closely with conference organizers, venues and registration companies in the months leading up to the conference, ensuring that all manpower requirements have been covered off. We attend every production meeting, every walk through, every bump-in and are present on-site at every conference, with up to 5 head office staff tasked with managing and motivating up to 170 conference staff per day, enabling our clients to give their complete focus to all other elements of the conference.

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